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Discover manufacturers that not just fit, but are a perfect match for your specific part. Say goodbye to the exhaustive search and hello to AI precision matching.

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Access the world's largest manufacturing database. Partfox offers real-time access to CNC machine park's availability and global capacity insights, ensuring your projects move forward without delays.

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Through our AI, we enable you to find the perfect manufacturers based on your requirements.

Easy, fast, efficient and free of charge.

AI-Powered Matchmaking
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Our AI anaylzes your parts and recommends the best matching manufacturers. Simply get matched or search for parts, machines, materials, regions, certificates and more.

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Smarter, Faster CNC
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Our platform eliminates the difficulties in finding the perfect CNC manufacturer, making your sourcing effortless.

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We make it easy for you to get started. With a simple sign up process, you'll be ready to find your perfect CNC manufacturer in no time.

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Effortless Uploading, Instant Analysis

Begin by uploading your part file as PDF or STEP. Our AI analyses it in real-time, saving you hours of manual search.

Secure Data
Fast Analysis
No Technical Expertise Required
Step 3
Tailored Matches, Real-Time Availability

Partfox uses deep market insights to connect you with the right manufacturers for your part who have the capacity to take on your project.

Immediate Access
AI Matching
Global Network
Ready to transform
your CNC sourcing?
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Ready to transform
your CNC sourcing?
Instant access

Our Customers Speak: The Partfox Difference

“We found competent manufacturers and received offers only from interested parties. The RFQ process is transparent with clear selection options. No spam, in short, great product!”

Holger Menck,  Production Planning and Technical Buyer

“When we were looking for a suitable supplier for various milled parts, we came across PartfoxTM and have been using the platform regularly ever since. The concept is ingenious for us; instead of contacting multiple suppliers ourselves, we publish our request once and get offers from possible suppliers from all over the world, which we would not have found in any other way. Partfox ™ has already saved us a lot of time and money.”

Georg Pröpper, Managing Director, ELOPRINT

"Through PartfoxTM, we were able to quickly find new suppliers for some of our production parts, which saved us time and effort in requesting and receiving quotes for prices and delivery times. We have used the service multiple times and are pleased with the benefits it has provided us thus far."

Mathias Schwarz, Technical Manager

"With PartfoxTM, we have found the possibility of operating according to our skills, receiving requests aimed at the execution of a few but very elaborate parts rather than the production of batches of simple parts with a large number of pieces, for which we are generally less competitive. Communication is fast and professional, a guarantee when working with new foreign clients. We can only say that PartfoxTM is a platform that we are happy to be subscribed to."

Alessandro Zaganelli, ALZAMECCANICA Costruzioni Meccaniche

“We are very happy to work with Partfox; your platform is very helpful in finding new business partners. It is very interesting that on your platform, we can find very different queries - it also helps in the development of the company. Fortunately, thanks to extensive experience and a well-developed machine park, we can cope with these inquiries. Cooperation with Partfox is really pleasant, and people from Partfox can always be counted on; they will always help.”

Daniel Reszczyński, Sales and Procurement Manager at TARET Spółka z.o.o.

“We had a great experience with the platform due to its fast performance, excellent customer support, and engaging content.”

Mike Lee, Sales Director at Dongguan Chiheng Hardware Co.,Ltd

Need to Know: Frequently Asked Questions

How does Partfox's AI matching work?

At the Partfox Network, we take pride in our ability to fulfill precise CNC manufacturing needs and your search for tailored business opportunities. Our AI begins by thoroughly analyzing and comprehending your STP file, converting it into the appropriate technology, dimension, and material specifications. Following this, we diligently match the needs of a CNC buyer and their direct part requirements with CNC manufacturers who not only have available production capacity but also possess the exact technology for that specific part. Additionally, we verify that the machinery is suited to the dimensions of the part. If you provide us with more information, our AI system can even cross-reference these criteria with the extensive database of the world's largest CNC network, the Partfox Network, to ensure an optimal match, such as certifications or surface treatments. Everything happens in real time - you never wait.

What file formats do you support?

As part of the manufacturing industry, we prioritize professional procedures and CNC industry standards. To ensure compatibility and effectiveness that is required for our AI, our requirements align with widely recognized industry standards. The Partfox Network supports globally common 3D/CAD file formats, including Step Files (STP, STEP). For technical drawings, we kindly request the use of PDF formats. It's important to note that our CNC network operates optimally when provided with professional, high-quality files and data. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience for all users. Your cooperation in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Is my data secure?

The Partfox Network, developed by Orderfox Schweiz AG, places you in control of your data, allowing you to secure it with your own Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to limit access to approved manufacturers. Data security is of upmost importance, meeting swiss government requirements and adhering to industry standards, ensuring that all information is handled with care. Sensitive data is processed only to the extent necessary to fulfill our service commitments outlined in the Terms, assuring your data's privacy and protection.

How do i communicate with manufacturers?

When it comes to communicating with manufacturers on the Partfox Network, you're in control. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred method of communication. You can utilize the Partfox Network's communication tools for a seamless experience, or if you prefer, you can reach out directly to manufacturers or buyers via email or phone calls. The choice is yours, ensuring that communication is convenient and tailored to your specific needs.

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